I’ve decided to start my own law practice.

I’ve given notice to the firm and have set my last day, but in the meantime, there are a ton of details to manage and things to do and learn. First, there’s leaving while preserving as much goodwill with the firm as possible. I’ve been pleased with how well this has been going, and have been impressed, yet again, with what a great group of attorneys I work with — they have been very encouraging and supportive. Then, there’s transitioning my existing clients to other attorneys at the firm who will replace me in a manner that is professional and leaves them with a good impression of me. And then, in the background, there’s all the stuff I need to get in place to actually get my own firm up and running…

Given that I need to have a digital social network in place to help recruit clients once my firm is up and running, Biting Tongue has finally ceased to be the main outlet for my written thoughts.

These days, I’m adopting a multi-pronged approach with Facebook, Twitter, and this professional blog as well.

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