Monthly Archive:July, 2011


As you may recall, I started late on the garden this year, and decided to minimize the plantings.

I am glad.

I started with this:


A few weeks later, had this:


And, now, after 3 weeks away with the garden on the automatic watering, I have more than enough work cut out for me:


Due to the late start and the cool summer start, I still don’t have any ripe tomatoes, but there are hundreds of green ones. And I can’t wait.

There are a few ripe cucumbers, and I suspect I’ll find a few other early goodies when I clear the weeds, prune the plants, and support the plants that have outgrown their allocated spaces.

Overall, I’m congratulating myself on the decision to downsize the garden this year. At the beginning, when the plants are small, it seems so easy to add just one or two more. But now, when production is in full swing, I’m going to have several hours of work each weekend just to keep the plants healthy and bearing fruit.

The garden/start-up analogy is clear: Plan for growth at the start so that it doesn’t crush you when it comes.

A Novel Open Source License

I’m in London, finishing up a European vacation with a visit to a couple of clients for work before heading back to Silicon Valley.

Today, one client’s CEO showed me around and introduced me to one of the tech guys. After shaking my hand, one of them immediately enlarged the newest open source license he wanted to get approved for his project:

The Do What the Fuck You Want License.

I had never encountered this license in the past and was a little flabbergasted to encounter it on-site on-screen for immediate approval.

I am happy to report, I managed to maintain some semblance of composure and let them know that for this particular client’s needs, this license was acceptable.

Also, I immediately went back to my hotel and looked up the history, as I couldn’t believe that this license was already on Version 2.0 after only a decade or so… The GPL is only on 3.0 after 23+ years!