New Beginnings

The time has come to start harvesting the winter garden.  We’ve had delicious broccoli and cauliflower treats, some great leafy greens,  and I (well, technically, my husband) finally managed to dig out the world’s largest carrot:


Much like my fledgling law firm, the seeds for the summer garden are germinating away:




Supposedly tomatoes take 7-10 days to germinate.  Unfortunately, I didn’t check ’em ’til day 5, and found that we’ve got overachievers this year, where 45% had germinated early and left us with tall spindly sprouts searching for the sun (aka the lights I quickly turned on the timer).  I hope I didn’t create weeklings that won’t be able to stand up under their own weight, but if so, the good thing about planting entirely too many is that even if I’m left with half I’ll still have over 500.