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  1. Cody 2010.08.11 1:47pm

    This is awesome. You rock.

  2. Erin 2010.08.18 10:28am

    Where did you buy your seeds for the White Oxheart tomato??

  3. Tennille 2010.08.18 6:00pm

    Thanks Cody!

    Erin: I got the first generation as part of the seeds that I started in a class taught by Cynthia at (I wholeheartedly recommend it — you get to plant a flat from her seed bank). I’ve been saving seeds since then.

  4. daniel 2012.05.17 4:59am

    Interested in possibly hiring you.

  5. KTF 2014.01.11 8:07am

    I am looking for someone just like you for our startup but based out of Houston/The Woodlands in Texas to ease accessibility. The search is a bit overwhelming! Wish you were in Texas!

    • Tennille 2014.03.05 4:20pm

      Thanks, KTF. I don’t know anyone with a similar law practice in your region, unfortunately. Best wishes for success in your search.

  6. alberto gil 2014.04.04 5:00am

    hola disculpe las molestias soy alberto gil de argentina yo estuve porticipando de la feria intel-isef que se realizo en san jose y me gustaria saber de usted…!

  7. admin 2014.04.08 2:31pm

    Hola, Alberto!