The End of An Awesome Growing Season


The last fresh tomatoes of the season were greatly enjoyed (typically, we have fresh tomatoes in the fridge ’til early December, but this year’s weather was crazy, so we have to call an end to the season earlier than normal, sad as it is).

Apologies on the light posting, in general. It turns out, legal work subject to confidentiality obligations makes for bad blog fodder — and, I am blessed to have more legal work than I can handle.

But rest assured. The Tech. The Law. The Garden. They are all my continued passions. And I’m enjoying and interested in following and influencing how all of them are playing out in today’s world.


This first American Indepence Day that I am experiencing as a sole proprietor, small business owner — it feels very American.

We are staying home.

I am looking forward to catching up on the sleep that I missed closing transactions at the end of Q2 2010.

Also, I’m looking forward to giving our garden some love. Because right now, it’s a bit of jungle:


Especially, when compared against the garden immediately post transplants, in May:


Now that it’s finally warm, everything is growing like crazy, including the Nasturtiums:

And, the leeks and onions we didn’t get a chance to harvest in time are now flowering:


Most people would abandon the leeks and onions post flowering, but I’ve found that if you act fast, they fare reasonably well in bakes, stews, and other long-heat forgiving food preparations.

As for tomatoes, we don’t have much. Just a few cherries from the Sun Sugar that appears to have given up the ghost:


and, some promising early turning Heinz tomatoes:


As for me, I look out every day and see all of the green tomatoes and can’t wait for the heat that will make them ripe. Certainly, I may regret the drying, the canning, the stewing, and other means of preservation. But at the moment, I only know one tomato annoyance — and that is impatience for locally grown ripe tomatoes. So, of course, when the annoyance is no more, I suspect I’ll have a different complaint…. wish me well.