Independence Day Harvest

After closing some end-of-fiscal-quarter transactions for clients, I was very excited to get some quality time in the garden.

First, I harvested all of the leeks and onions that were ready:


Then, I moved in on the row of shallots:


And finally, I took out the garlic,


which I set into a *very* messy braid a few days later (this one is about twice as neat as mine).

I tied up, pruned, and ogled my tomatoes (that just won’t seem to ripen due to the coolest summer I can recall since we moved here…):


And I checked in on the development of the 5-or-6-bloom megabloom sweet horizon tomato, which did not disappoint:


At the end of the holiday weekend, the garden looked much more civilized than it had in days prior:


And, since I accidentally knocked down some green tomatoes in the course of my work, I put them to use in that great southern tradition of fried green tomatoes (but California fusion-style, cooked in a wok, and encrusted with panko):



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