Summer Bounty

After all the work and the waiting (we had a much more mild summer than normal, which delayed the tomatoes by almost a month), finally, the garden is in full production mode:


For the last several weeks, I’ve been harvesting a basket like this:


And this week, I expect there will be 2 or more.

The big downside to the late blooming garden is that much of the heavy harvesting will need to occur in September or October, when I’m working to close transactions for clients before the end of the fiscal quarter and/or traveling. But, the upside potential is huge as well. If we can avoid a frost, I have enough green tomatoes that there should be a constant stream of ripening tomatoes that stretches well into Thanksgiving. Making sauce and canning tomatoes and pickles in the cooler fall months is very much preferable to doing the same in August.

And the garden to start-up analogies continue: sometimes, despite your best efforts and hard work, things don’t scale when you plan them to scale. But, sometimes, the delay comes with its own sweet rewards.

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