Schools? Google? Who isn’t invading privacy?

Today was an interesting day in privacy lawsuit news.

First, there are the parents of a Pennsylvania high school student who filed a complaint against the school alleging that the school remotely activated a school-issued laptop and took a picture of the child. At home. Without his or their knowledge. And without his or their consent.

Then, there’s the class action lawsuit against Google regarding auto-activation of Buzz and the information that was necessarily shared in connection with that activation. Specifically,

Google turned Gmail “into a social networking service and that’s not what they signed up for, Google imposed that on them without getting their consent,” said Kimberly Nguyen, consumer privacy counsel with EPIC of Washington, D.C. “The bottom line is, users should have meaningful control over their information.”

I’d say these lawsuits show that not everyone agrees with Mark Zuckerberg’s statement that Privacy is no longer a social norm.

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