On Growth

About 7 weeks ago, I sowed the seeds of entirely too many tomatoes.

Some sprouted much earlier than the predicted germination time, and I found myself caring for spindly, tall, weak-stemmed seedlings.

Others died due to my lack of properly allocating resources to water them while I was on vacation.

Today, after hours of potting up over the last couple of weeks, I am left with 362 tomato seedlings in various stages of maturity:


Tonight, we moved them to the garage to keep them out of the coming storm for the next few days.

If I am lucky, I will end up with at least one healthy plant of each of the varieties that we can plant for ourselves in our garden, and a couple hundred for gifts to friends and acquaintances and distribution to strangers to market Tech Law Garden.

Yet again, gardening shows me that it is an excellent metaphor for technology startups. You have to invest a ton in hopes of future rewards. Even if you think you know what you are doing, there is great attrition. There are unexpected obstacles. And, when things are good, the growth is much faster than you expected, which can be an obstacle to success in and of itself.

Please shoot me an email or give me a call if you’d like a tomato seedling or three.

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